Programme of the workshop

Arrival day
Wednesday 3 April

Thursday, 4 April 2013

10.30-11.00 registration and welcome coffee

Chair: Irina Cristea

Cristina Flaut: Opening speech
11.00-11.30: Eugen Zaharescu: Opening speech
11.30-12.10: Dorin Popescu: New results on Stanley depth
12.10-12.50: Sorin Dascalescu: Finiteness conditions for coalgebras, integrals and quantum groups

13.00 – 14.20: LUNCH

Chair: Serban Barcanescu
14.30-15.05: Irina Cristea: Hypergroups associated with intuitionisticfuzzy relations

15.05-15.40: Sarka Hoskova-Mayerova and Jan Chvalina: Ordered hypergroups as join spaces

15.40-16.15: Vitalii Shpakivskyi: Monogenic functions in a three-dimensional harmonic algebra

16.15-16.45: coffee break

16.45-17.20: Gabriela Badea: On the summability of Hilbert multilinear operator

17.20-17.55: Cristian Ida and Sabin Merchesan: A note on coeffective 1-differentiable cohomology

17.55-18.50: Discussions
19.00-20.45: Dinner

Friday, 5 April 2013

7.30 – 8.50: breakfast
Chair: Eugen Zaharescu
9.00-9.40: Oleg Gerus: Some properties of a Cauchy type integral in quaternion analysis

9.40-10.20: Sergiy Plaksa: Commutative algebras associated with classic equations of mathematical physics

10.20-11.00: Iurii Zelinskyi: Convex geometry

11.00-11.20: coffee break

11.20-12.00: V.V. Kisil: The inevitability of hyper-complex analyses

12.00-12.40: Julian Lawrynowicz: The inspiring role of Professor Tamrazov in cooperation Lodz-Kyiv-Zhytomyr in complex analysis and potential theory

12.40-13.20: Toma Albu: The Osofsky-Smith Theorem for modular lattices with applications to Grothendieck categories and torsion theories

13.30-14.20: LUNCH

Chair: Cristina Flaut

14.30-15.05: Doru Stefanescu: Estimates for divisors and polynomial roots

15.05-15.40: Marin Marin and Olivia Florea: On temporal behavior of solutions in Thermoelasticity of porous micropolar bodies

15.40-16.15: Diego Aranda Orna: Some gradings on the bi-Cayley Jordan pair

16.15-16.45: coffee break

16.45-18.45: Discussions

19.00-21.30: Special dinner

Saturday, 6 April 2013
7.30 – 8.50 breakfast
Chair: Diana Savin
9.00-9.40: Serban Barcanescu: Combinatorial methods in the study of algebraic singularities

9.40-10.20: Nicolae Ciprian Bonciocat: On the irreducibility of the sum of two relatively prime polynomials

10.20-11.00: Mirela Stefanescu: About our journal Analele Universitatii "Ovidius", Math. Series

11.00-11.30: coffee break
11.30-12.00: Cristina Flaut: End speech
12.00-12.15: Closing of the Workshop
12.15-13.15: Discussions

13.15-14.30: LUNCH