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To Professor Mirela Stefanescu

This journal is founded by Mirela Stefanescu and Silviu Sburlanin 1993 and is devoted to pure and applied mathematics.
This journal is published by Faculty of Mathematics and
Computer Science, Ovidius University, Constanta, Romania.

  • Diego Aranda Orna: Some gradings on the bi-Cayley Jordan pair

  • Alina Barbulescu:Estimation of Hausdorff h-measures of some sets

  • Cristina Flaut and Diana Savin: Some properties of the symbol algebra

  • Antonios Kalampakas Stefanos Spartalis Alexandros Tsigkas, The Path Hyperoperation

  • Violeta Loreanu-Fotea, Bijan Davvaz, Feng Feng: Join spaces, soft join spaces and lattices

  • Radovan Potůček: Construction of the smallest common coarser of two set partitions

  • Andrei Rusu:Infinitely many precomplete with respect to parametric expressibility classes of formulas in a provability propositional logic

  • Eugen Zaharescu: Color Image Indexing Using Mathematical Morphology